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Can children including toddlers benefit from the dietary supplementation of AG-FACTOR™?
Children (including toddlers) can benefit from the supplementation of cysteine peptide. The ideal dosage is one-to-two capsules, taken in the morning and evening. (Preterm: one capsule a day, Children above seven years old may take two capsules a day). Scientific studies on hyperactive children show that dietary supplementation with an antioxidant like glutathione can reduce hyperactivity and ADHD and can prevent alterations in the immune system as a result of oxidative stress (
Is AG-FACTOR™ good for alcohol drinkers?
If you are planning to drink, you can choose to supplement with AG-FACTOR™ either before or after. Depending on the amount of alcohol you consumed, the recommended dosage is from two to four capsules. Glutathione plays an important role in the detoxification of alcohol in the liver and other tissues (
What is the difference between AG-FACTOR™ and Glutathione pills?
Let’s clear up the misconception that exogenous supplements of glutathione are cheaper and more effective than endogenously produced glutathione. Cysteine Peptide (endogenous synthesis of glutathione) versus Liquid Glutathione (exogenous intake). Endogenous means produced within an organism, tissue, or cell. Exogenous means originating from outside a cell, tissue, or organism.

From the above, we can intuitively deduce that going by the endogenous route is the most efficient, more economical, and effective in terms of results. Glutathione degrades rapidly (due to its half-life nature) and by the time it completes its track through the digestive system, very little remains for absorption. Hence, to reach similar results, you may need to consume 20 capsules of liquid glutathione (500mg x 20) to obtain the same with 960mg of Cysteine peptide. Exogenous intake of glutathione encounters a significant barrier—the fragility of G hinders its crossing into cell membranes due to its rapid hydrolysis in circulating plasma.

In comparison, the robustness of Cysteine Peptide survives the gut to penetrate into our bloodstream. In the bloodstream, it is degraded rapidly by an enzyme called gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase found on the extracellular surfaces of our cells. This process yields glutamate, cysteine, and glycine. As a result, the cell surface provides the cells with the ingredients to synthesize glutathione.

In conclusion, AG-FACTOR™ is different from glutathione pills out there as AG-FACTOR™ teaches your body to be more intelligent to produce its own glutathione instead of forcing your body to absorb foreign-sources.
Is it safe to consume AG-FACTOR™ with other medications, supplements, or vitamins?
Yes, you may consume AG-FACTOR™ together with other supplements, treatments, vitamins, or medications. The reason is that AG-FACTOR™ is a natural food product that will not cause any harm or conflict to your body.
What is AG-FACTOR™?
AG-FACTOR™ is an anti-aging beauty supplement that helps to slow-down and eases the aging process through these pathways: improve health and beauty.
Can AG-FACTOR™ be combined with other Onecare products?
When it comes to building a strong defense against sickness and aging — AG-FACTOR™ is your ultimate line-backer (defender) to enjoy good health and everlasting beauty. The star of our line-up works well as a base supplement and can be paired with our other supplements for maximum benefits. Find our star products here (
How should I consume AG-FACTOR™?
For adults, take two capsules daily before bedtime. You can double the dosage if you often face stress as Glutathione can reduce cortisol effects on cell damage. According to McAnulty et al., in 2007, it is stated that elevated cortisol levels might deplete cellular glutathione (

Cortisol is a stress hormone that is produced in the adrenal glands. Stress can be caused by sleep deprivation, physical and emotional stress, toxins, and excesses in our lives. When your body produces a lot of cortisol, it can lead to several events:

1. Cellular Inflammation (the root of many major diseases).
2. Weight gain.
3. Fluctuation in the production of estrogen and testosterone.
4. Adrenal fatigue.
Can I consume AG-FACTOR™ during menstruation?
Yes, it is safe to consume during menstruation.
Does AG-FACTOR™ only work on my face?
AG-FACTOR™ can help with your entire body and organ system.
Can AG-FACTOR™ help with hair loss?
You will experience faster growth of nails and hair. And you will also discover that you have thicker hair and stronger nails.
How safe is this product?
AG-FACTOR™ is a natural food supplement made of 100% natural ingredients with NO side effects and will not burden the kidneys or liver, even when consumed on a long-term basis.
How can AG-FACTOR™ help smokers and drinkers?
AG-FACTOR™ can trigger the body's production of Glutathione (liver's antioxidant) to detoxify the liver and break down toxic substances that weaken the lungs and inflict long-term damages to our cells and skin. Studies found that smokers and drinkers are more likely to have bad skin conditions.
Is AG-FACTOR™ halal certified?
AG-FACTOR™ is indeed halal-certified.
Can I still purchase AG-FACTOR™ if I don't have a credit card?
Yes, we do accept other payment methods like PayPal, bank transfer, or COD (depending on the country).
Where does AG-FACTOR™ originate from?
AG-FACTOR™‘s key ingredient, Cysteine Peptide, and other supporting ingredients are produced in GMP-certified facilities in the US, and approved by the FDA as a GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe).
Can I purchase AG-FACTOR™ from a pharmacy?
AG-FACTOR™ may only be purchased directly from our official website here (
Do I continue with my skincare regime?
It is a matter of your personal choice. Although AG-FACTOR™ works from the inside of our body, topical skincare products can are still required for hygiene purposes and to protect us from natural elements like harmful UV rays. UltraShield™, Zero-Imperfection Daily Defense (DD) Cream provides the ultimate anti-pollution protection and rectifies skin damage. It has the ability to penetrate deep into your underlying skin layers providing both physical and biochemical protection. Read more about UltraShield™ here (
Does AG-FACTOR™ work on pigmented skin?
AG-FACTOR™ can help to prevent and lighten freckles, pigmentation, melasma, dark spots, and age spots (time and dosage-dependent).
Is AG-FACTOR™ safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers?
Although AG-FACTOR™ is made of 100% safe and natural ingredients, it is advisable to consult your personal physician before taking supplements of any kind.

However, based on scientific studies, glutathione is good for before and after pregnancy. Your doctors can confirm that many pregnancy complications and birth defects have been linked to free radical damage, oxidative stress, and low glutathione levels in the mother and developing baby. Before pregnancy, glutathione plays a critical role in fertility, sperm count, and conception in the mother and father-to-be. Sources: &
What is the difference between AG-FACTOR™ whey protein and similar ‘claimed’ ingredients in the market?
Unlike cysteine obtained from the hairs of humans or animals, AG-FACTOR™ cysteine peptides are filtered from hydrolyzed whey protein that is derived from certified safe bovine sources.
Does AG-FACTOR™ contain Glutathione or Collagen?
No, AG-FACTOR™ does not contain Collagen nor does it contain Glutathione. Since it is derived from whey protein, it is also a rich source of amino acids; whey protein contains the full spectrum of 18 types of amino acids that contribute to your body’s synthesis of Collagen and Glutathione. The natural production of Glutathione and Collagen from within your body is more efficient, intelligent, and reduce losses due to malabsorption (a disorder that occurs when people are unable to absorb nutrients from their diets).
Is AG-FACTOR™ safe for high blood pressure and diabetic patients?
AG-FACTOR™ is generally safe for people with hypertension and diabetic conditions, you should consult your personal physician for professional advice.

Nevertheless, there is multiple scientific research showing that people with diabetes and hypertension will experience improvements in health and quality living.
How long should I take AG-FACTOR™?
It is advisable to take AG-FACTOR™ consistently for 3-6 months for the best results.
Is AG-FACTOR™ safe for lactose-intolerant patients?
AG-FACTOR™ is a lactose-free product. Hence, it is generally safe for those that are lactose-intolerant.
Who is suitable to consume AG-FACTOR™?
Both males and females, including preterm babies, can safely supplement with AG-FACTOR™. Nevertheless, it is advisable to always consult a qualified medical practitioner for professional opinions. Studies have found that Glutathione improves the health of preterm babies.

What is the difference between AG-FACTOR™ and PRAVENTAC™?
AG-FACTOR™ is suitable for those seeking anti-aging and skin-brightening effects while PRAVENTAC™ ( is suitable for skins troubled by acne, acne scars, blemishes, and black/whiteheads.
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I have unflattering dark circles around my eyes, and my eyes always appear puffy. Are there any products that can help me with these problems?
One of our bestselling products- Ag-Factor™ is known to help improve the skin’s overall complexion, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Ag-Factor™ helps the body to boost the production of natural collagen and glutathione, resulting in healthier skin layers and reduction of hyperpigmentation, while detoxing the body and improving blood circulation. When all this benefits are combined, one of the reported outcome would be the lightening and minimizing of the appearance of puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.
Does the whey protein in Ag-Factor™ help with cell regeneration?
Yes it does. The whey protein in Ag-Factor™ contains cysteine that the body needs to produce glutathione, and glutathione is essential in cell regeneration.
Why should I choose your products over the other products that are abundantly available in the market, some at a much lower prices?
The main reasons why you should always choose Onecare Wellness/Orique as your beauty and health companion is that quality is always our priority. We are proud to say that an extensive amount of time, money and human resources are invested into the research & development of our products in order to provide only the most efficacious, safe and natural formulations possible for our customers. Our formulas incorporate only the top of the line premium imported ingredients in their optimum condition, and in generous quantities that ensures the highest efficacy. Our selection and usage of premium ingredients easily surpass even the most expensive luxury brands, as we strongly believe in providing customers with nothing but the best products and services. And it is safe to say that our commitment in doing so has been rewarded with grave reviews and decades of loyalty from customers who swear by our products. Feel free to browse through real testimonials from actual customers on both our websites and Facebook pages.
Will taking this product lead to weight gain?
Rest assured that none of our products contain any ingredient that might lead to weight gain. This is because we use only third party tested and scientifically validated ingredients that would only benefit the human body.
I’ve read somewhere that consuming too much whey is not good for the heart as it might clog the arteries. Should I be concerned?
No, whey protein will not lead to heart problems. In fact, whey protein has been proven to improve heart health. Studies has shown that whey protein actually reduces risk factors associated with heart disease. This is due to its ability to lower LDL(Low Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol  and triglyceride levels in our body. There are also studies suggesting that whey protein may actually reduce the damage to blood vessels and heart, especially among people who suffer from hypertension as it may help to reduce blood pressure.
Can I take this product while pregnant or breastfeeding?
This may vary from one person to another. Although our products are made from 100% safe and natural ingredients,we still advise all pregnant or breastfeeding customers to consult their doctors prior to taking supplements or beauty products of any kind.This is because during pregnancy or while breastfeeding,your body would have specific nutritional requirements,and most beauty oral supplements and products are not specifically formulated as pregnancy or breastfeeding supplements.
Can I take this product if I am taking medication?
It is highly unlikely that our products will adversely interact with pharmaceuticals. However,as even purely natural foods have the possibility of reacting with some prescription drugs,we advise that you consult your medical practitioner prior to taking any form of supplements. This is especially crucial if you are under medical supervision for any specific medical condition. At Onecare Wellness,we always prioritize the health and safety of our valued customers.
I have read that dairy creates acne in some people and it made me wonder how would Ag-Factor™ help acne if it contains whey protein,which is dairy?
We understand your concern,but rest assured that you have no reason to be concerned. Cysteine Peptide is a substrate of whey protein and the cysteine peptide in Ag-Factor™ is but a tiny component of whey's complete profile of amino acids. It is a whey protein hydrolysate,meaning that it has been partially broken down as the bonds linking amino acids has been broken apart,allowing the body to absorb it rapidly. Its molecular structure has been modified,therefore it will not lead to any dairy side effects.

Cysteine Peptide is created by bonding amino acid peptide with Cysteine to produce a stable substance that is more viable as a supplement. Cysteine is a semi-essential amino acid (meaning that it can be synthesised by the body but at the expense of essential amino acids,hence it's best to obtain it through supplementation) and is the most important amino acid needed for the production of the antioxidant glutathione,and research has indicated that glutathione tackles a massive range of acne causing reactive oxygen species. It hunts down lipid peroxides,free radicals,other peroxides and many more. Increasing glutathione is excellent for boosting your antioxidant supply,eliminating oxidative stress and clearing acne. But glutathione cannot be consumed,your body make it yourself,and that's where the Cysteine Peptide in Ag-Factor™ comes in.
What is the difference between CERA5™ and Ag-Factor™?
The key difference between CERA5™ and Ag-Factor™ is that each brings different benefits and caters to different skin needs. Ag-Factor™ is more suitable for those who want to enhance their skin tone and radiance. While CERA5™ is perfect for those who are prone to dry skin that tends to be overly sensitive,develop uneven skin tone,excessive oiliness and display various signs of prematurely aging skin,whether due to their surroundings,genetic makeup,aging skin,etc. CERA5™ has highly effective anti-aging benefits as well,but it focuses more on providing and maintaining your skin's natural moisturization through the strengthening of cells. With healthier and stronger cells,you will be able to obtain skin that is naturally beautiful and radiant. CERA5™ also protects your skin against harmful elements that you face every day,preventing signs of premature aging such as wrinkles,fine lines,age spots and more.
I have been menopausal for more than a year now. But after consuming Ag-Factor™ for one month,my period came back. Is that normal?
There have been many cases where we've received feedback from customers saying that after taking Ag-Factor™,their otherwise inconsistent menstrual cycle has started to become more consistent,and there have been a few cases where the customers are in the perimenopause or menopause stages,but their conditions somehow reverted after consistently taking Ag-Factor™ for a certain period of time. More frequently,we received feedbacks from menopausal and postmenopausal customers that Ag-Factor™ has helped to relieve the various menopause symptoms that they experience such as unwelcomed skin changes (like dry,sagging and wrinkled skin),thinning of hair,sleep disturbance,mood changes,hot flashes etc.

Ag-Factor™ has a rich content of Cysteine which boost the body's natural production of Glutathione,and Glutathione has been medically proven to benefit menopause as the most important natural antioxidant that can fight oxidative stress. Research has shown that oxidative stress contributes to menopause,therefore menopause and its effects may be prevented and/or treated by improving the body's antioxidant defense.

On the other hand,Glutathione has also been shown to positively influence the quality of sperm in men. This is also achieved by decreasing oxidative stress on the sensitive sperm cells and therefore minimizing their DNA damage. Therefore,other than it's well known beauty and health key benefits,Ag-Factor™ can also positively affect overall fertility.
Can Glutathione be taken by mouth? Are Glutathione supplements effective?
Although Glutathione supplements in various forms are widely available in the market,but they actually don't really have any significant benefits to you. The problem with Glutathione supplements is that they are readily digested by the secretions of the stomach. Glutathione is made up of just three amino acids linked by two chemical bonds. These bonds are exactly what the protein digesting secretions of the human digestive system are designed to break. Hence,there is absolutely no value whatsoever in taking preformed Glutathione supplements because they simply get broken down into their constituents; no glutathione remains to be absorbed into the cells. Ag-Factor on the other hand,is an intelligent supplement that utilizes Cysteine Peptides,a precursor of Glutathione,to boost the body's natural production of Glutathione by providing it with exactly what it needs to produce more Glutathione by itself.
I am almost 40 and I already have freckles and eyebags,so I think Ag-Factor™ will be suitable for me. I am taking liver supplement,with Vitamin C 100mg and E 400mg. Can I replace my liver supplement with Ag-Factor?
Hi thank you for your enquiry. I hope that I will be able to assist you in finding the best supplements combo that will help you achieve better skin and overall health. First of all,let me reassure you that like all of our other products,Ag-Factor™ is also made from purely natural ingredients that will not interact with any most supplements or medication. Hence,you can still consume it along with your liver supplements and Vitamin C & E if you choose to,or you may also replace your current liver supplements with Ag-Factor™ to reap all the other extra benefits that may not be offered by typical liver supplements.

Not only does Ag-Factor™ boost liver health,it will also defend your skin and body from the effects and signs of aging,as well as brighten your skin tone,smoothen wrinkles,leaving your skin firmer and smoother. Furthermore,the natural properties of Ag-Factor™ and Vitamin C will complement and enhance the effects and benefits of each other. The Glutathione-activating properties of Ag-Factor™ extends the otherwise short-lived benefits of Vitamin C by converting oxidized Vitamin C back to its original form.

As for the freckles and eye bag problems,you might also be able to see improvements after a certain period of consuming Ag-Factor™ regularly. Such problem may be due to hormonal changes or hormonal imbalance that takes place in our body as we aged. The good news is that Ag-Factor™ is able to help your body maintain hormonal balance and may effectively improve such skin conditions if they are in fact caused by hormonal changes in your body.

I hope that I've managed to answer your questions and will help you in making the best decision. Please do not hesitate to revert back with any further questions that you might have.
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  • AG-FACTOR™ customer review by Valerie Loh
    Valerie Loh
    Took Ag Factor for a month and am loving what i see...clearer skin !
  • AG-FACTOR™ customer review by Nur Aina
    Nur Aina
    It delivers what it claims! I notice my skin getting fairer and less visible fine lines under eyes!
  • AG-FACTOR™ customer review by Nasreen Ashfaq
    Nasreen Ashfaq
    I have been trying the Ag-factor for 2 months now and I have noticed significant glow in my overall skin tone. Face feels firm and hydrated and fine lines reduced. Doesn't do much for dark circles though. I will definitely buy again and promote to other family members and friends!
  • AG-FACTOR™ customer review by Jasmine Yong
    Jasmine Yong
    Hi, I have been using ag-factor and cera5 for almost a month and i started to see my skin less flaky and feels more refreshed. Feeling optimistic that my skin will continue to look better if I continue this.
  • AG-FACTOR™ customer review by Nana Ar
    Nana Ar
    I have been using Ag-Factor for almost a month now and i noticed that my skin looks firm, smoother and brighter.. Cannot wait to purchase AG-Factor again
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Inspect your face in the mirror after your cleaning routine. Take a mental picture of your skin’s condition. Then, proceed to consume 2 capsules of Ag-Factor™ before bedtime.
How long before I can start seeing results?
After taking Ag-Factor™ for 2-3 weeks, your skin will definitely feel smoother to the touch. Your skin tone will become lighter and appear noticeably brighter. You will achieve best results after 3 months.
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