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Ag-Factor™ is approved as a food product and is regulated by the Food Safety and Quality Division of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. ( BKKM, Bahagian Keselamatan and Kuality Makanan) certificate


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certificateAg-Factor™ capsules are a plant-based alternative that help protect moisture-sensitive ingredients, slow disintegration in the acidic stomach environment, a vegetarian capsule with unique properties that can slow down capsule opening after swallowing.



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Suggested usage:

Adults : 2 capsules before bedtime 
Children : 1 capsule twice a day, mornings and evenings

Nutritional Facts:

Serving size : 500mg 
Servings per box : 60 capsules
(30days' supply)

Product Ingredients:

Whey protein hydrolysate (a milk protein), pomegranate extract and mangosteen extract.

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Natural way to Skin Whitening and Anti-aging

Ag-Factor™ is very effective against signs of aging and great for anyone with a dull complexion, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and sensitive skin. It will help brighten your skin to a radiant glow and leave it smoother and firmer. Ag-Factor™ is not only good for your skin, it also helps detox your liver, blood and other major organs as well as help boost your immune system, hormone balance and a myriad of supporting functions.

Ag-Factor™ work naturally enable your body to work more intelligently to produce your own glutathione and collagen.

The secret to staying young is eating the right food. From ancient times, milk has been associated with beauty, an elixir for slowing the effects of aging. Ag-Factor™ cysteine peptides are derived from milk using sophisticated separation technology and patent-pending knowledge. The result is a lactose-free and highly nutritious milk component (whey protein) that the US FDA has approved with GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status.


Cysteine is a powerful food for youthful skin and for safeguarding our internal organs and brain from the devastating effects of free radicals. How young we stay relative to our age is determined by our body's most powerful antioxidant, glutathione. However, production of glutathione declines as we age, from age 20 onwards.

Cysteine is a precursor of glutathione, an antioxidant that is prevalent in every cell in the human body, especially in the liver where it is present in abundance. Glutathione not only defends our body from the effects of aging, it also neutralises toxic pollutants and is most effective at preventing diseases.

Who should take Ag-Factor™?

skin whitening
Aims to control melanin production to leave skin with an fair and balance skin tone
clear skin
progressively lighten freckles, age spots, melasma, dark spot and hyperpigmentation
anti aging
Improving its appearance through diminishing the signs of aging by reducing fine lines and wrinkles
anti aging
Detoxify the body from the harmful effects of alcohol, caffeine, and drugs
anti aging
Serve an essential role in maintaining function of the immune system at its fullest potential, protecting against cancer via cytokine production (cancer killer cells)
Exposed to an increased amount of free radicals, who live in urban areas, smoke or work around chemicals, exercise frequently, eat a diet of processed foods, or has been or is still frequently exposed to sunlight
anti aging
Desires a deep state of rest during sleep and increased energy and vitality
health longevity
Ag-Factor is crucial to the maintenance of our health against illness. Ag-Factor™, helps your kidneys, lungs, brain and liver to decontaminate, neutralize and expel toxins chemically.

Ag-Factor™ delivers anti-aging nutrients directly to the skin by:

Reducing Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Zinc (Zn) and copper (Cu), once bound to a protein, have been shown to be very effective in regenerating new tissue and increasing the synthesis of structural proteins such as collagen.

Improving the Brightness and Radiance of the Skin

Promotes the production of pheomelanine, a red-yellow form of melanin pigment, found in abundance in fair-skinned people.

Promoting Firmness and Elasticity of the Skin

Supports the natural protein structure of the skin and assists the skin in binding moisture. Ag-Factor™ proteins have a significant, rapid and long-term effect on skin firmness through increased elasticity and moisture retention.

Reducing Redness Associated with Inflammation or Sensitive Skin

Has the ability to block PGE2 production, the major biochemical pathway leading to inflammation and redness in the skin. If left unchecked, this inflammation will over time lead to a further breakdown of important structural proteins in the skin.


Learn More >

  • vs collagen
  • vs whitening cream
  • whitening supplement

ag-factor vs collagenIn recent years, collagen products have been actively linked to the topic of ANTI-AGING. Many beauty companies have introduced a wide range of collagen products for those wishing to stay young, have smooth skin etc. The response and feedback from most collagen users, however, is that collagen only gives short-term results. Once stopped, skin rapidly returns to its previous condition within a few weeks. The reason for this is collagen breaks down easily, especially under direct sunlight. This is why maintenance is necessary. Is it wise to spend money for such short-term results when a long-term investment is needed?

vs collagen

3-10 times more effective than collagen !

Ag-Factor's natural peptide-bonded form of Cysteine has been shown in animal studies carried out by DMM to boost levels of glutathione produced in the liver by as much as 3-10 in comparison to other naturally sourced amino acids such as porcine source collagen (the most absorbable collagen compare to fish and bovine). To get the same amount of Cysteine—if you are taking hydrolyzed source collagen, you will need to consume at least 16-24gm per day.
The amount of collagen normally found in most supplements is less than 5gms. Do the math. If collagen is three to ten times less effective than Cysteine peptide and you are only getting 30% per day—are you getting value for your money?

"Ag-Factor™ lets your body decide what it wants or needs"

The full spectrum of amino acids in Ag-Factor™ is the trigger for the body to produce its own source of collagen.
Both zinc (Zn) and copper (Cu), once bound to a protein, have been shown to be very effective in regenerating new tissue and increasing the synthesis of structural proteins such as collagen.

skin layerAg-Factor™ proteins have a significant, rapid and long-term effect on skin firmness through increased elasticity and moisture retention.

ag-factor vs whitening cream

vs skincare products

Have you wondered why early childhood photos of many celebrities show a much darker skin colour than they have now? Their secret is eating the right foods. Most of us may think this is due to whitening skincare products, but do people know most of these products cause breakouts and dryness to the skin because of the ingredients used?

Now, let's look at some "bad" ingredients in skin whitening products (creams). Avoid:

  • Hydroquinone: may increase cancer risk/causes, have serious adverse reactions, including the appearance of permanent dark bumps
  • Mercury: extremely toxic substance that accumulates in the body's organs
  • Alpha hydroxy acids: not effective for inhibiting melanin production, cause redness and irritation
  • Kojic acid: may be carcinogenic.
  • Vitamin C: can cause irritation, only effective at large doses that are not found in cosmetic formulations

For skincare, we always recommend any hydrating range of product. It’s always the wise choice. Water/hydration is the key to lovely smooth skin. For fairer and brighter skin, though, eating the right foods is always the best solution. 
Ag-Factor™ cysteine peptides enable the body to produce sufficient amounts of glutathione. Glutathione is 100% clinically proven to be effective for skin whitening.

"Ag-Factor™ - The natural way to fairer, glowing skin "

Improve your skin's brightness and radiance, giving your face a more even, creamy complexion.

Ag-Factor™ promotes the body's own natural antioxidant activity as well as production of pheomelanine, a red-yellow form of melanin pigment found in abundance in fair-skinned people.

Oxidative stress from UV exposure and other environmental pollutants can cause melanogenesis, the production of brown-colour pigments associated with tanned skin. Use of Ag-Factor™ antioxidants can slow or even reverse this process creating a brightening effect for the skin.

vs glutathioneWhy should we not take the much cheaper, much direct alternative—Glutathione itself?

This is not the first time we are asked why pay more for Ag-Factor?
Glutathione is not well absorbed into the body when taken by mouth as it has been proven clinically that the body is incapable of absorbing direct intake of Glutathione. One way to get around that is to take it by the vein (intravenous). Are you prepared to do that—inject yourself daily?

vs cysteineWhitening supplement on the market claim to be 100% natural when they are NOT.
So be aware of all ingredients used in the product!

Please read the facts below about Natural VS Synthetic supplements.
What is the difference between synthetically derived L Cysteine (N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC)) and naturally occurring bioactive Cysteine Peptide (Ag-factor) found in whey (milk protein)? vs cysteine

Synthetic Cysteine marketers want you to believe that there is no difference between naturally occurring Cysteine and synthetic because the synthetics are easier to produce and thus carry a much higher profit margin. It is that simple. It is the triumph of profits over health, and most consumers including doctors have unknowingly bought into that value system.

Your education of the supplement industry up until now
You have been told that the majority of supplements are nature's own ingredients; but the sad truth is that in the case of commercially mass produced L Cysteine, they are fermented in laboratories from a type of bacteria called Pseudomonas thiazolinophilum, a mutant form of e-coli.

Your supplement manufacturers maintain that this type of synthetic Cysteines is identical and just as effective as the naturally occurring Cysteine produced in milk by nature. They are not. Scientists have never successfully created an orange from scratch in a laboratory. Only nature can. Likewise, neither can science create synthetic nutrients that exactly duplicate or replace naturally occurring nutrients.

What is bio-availability?
As for the bio-availability (your body's natural absorption) of natural versus synthetic Cysteine, there is once again no contest. Although we might be fooled by slick marketing, our body knows the difference, even though synthetics are designed to try to trick it. Natural nutrients are absorbed readily because we are biologically programmed to recognize the naturally occurring compounds as genuine nutrients. Isolated chemicals or synthetics 'nutrients', on the other hand are immediately put on hold until it can determine the cofactors needed to enable their availability. It has been found that 50 percent of every synthetic supplement is rendered useless by the body, leaving only 50 percent for possible conversion. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that any, of this entire half will be converted.

In the old days…
In the past, synthetic sourced Cysteine was never sold as a food supplement. It was used in the food, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries. One of the largest applications is the production of flavors for baking and in personal care, for hair perms. Nowadays, it is being marketed as a food supplement.
Synthetic Cysteine is also one of the 599 additives in cigarettes. Like most cigarette additives, however, its use or purpose is unknown. Its inclusion in cigarettes could offer two benefits: Acting as an expectorant, since smoking increases mucus production in the lungs and increasing the beneficial antioxidant glutathione (which is diminished in smokers). Source: Wilkepedia.

N-acetylcysteine (NAC)
N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC) is sold as a pharmaceutical in most countries, except the Philippines and the United States. In most cases, it is sold as a cough medicine because it breaks up the disulfide bonds in the mucus and thus liquefies it, making it easier to cough up. Therefore, when we say natural or whole-food supplement—we are referring to 'food elements' that contain the complete complex of micro-nutrients (both identified and unidentified) exactly as they exist in nature.

Understand what you are paying for…
You also have to understand, the benefits of using the naturally occurring Cysteine to boost the sulfur cycle to enhance the body's ability to activate strong glutathione doesn't stop there.
In nature, Cysteine is not found in isolation. It exists with a bunch of other amino acids.
Our Ag-Factor contains naturally occurring cofactors that also provide the body with ability to synthesize and activate taurine, cystine and methionine pathways. These sulfur amino acids are central to many core functions in the body effecting endurance, energy, alertness, joint health, immune function, and muscle loss following serious illness or medical treatments.


Why Ag-Factor™ is so effective?

Natural nutrients are absorbed readily because we are biologically programmed to recognize the naturally occurring compounds as genuine nutrients.

Ag-Factor™ is an "intelligent" food consisting of cysteine peptides, found in minute quantities in hydrolyzed whey protein (cheese) that enables the body to self-produce glutathione & collagen. Ag-Factor™ is a bioactive food absorbed 99.99% by the body

Cysteine can be biosynthesized from food in our body. However, the amount of 'food' that can be converted into Cysteine is minimal.

Ag-Factor contains naturally occurring cofactors that also provide the body with ability to synthesize and activate taurine, cystine and methionine pathways. These sulfur amino acids are central to many core functions in the body effecting endurance, energy, alertness, joint health, immune function, and muscle loss following serious illness or medical treatments.

I am lactose intolerant, can't drink milk, can i take Ag-Factor™?
Ag-Factor™ is lactose free, Individuals with lactose intolerance is safe to take Ag-Factor™

Ag-Factor™ - Make your skin smoother, brighter and firmer within 2-3 weeks.order now

tick Ag-Factor™ is a proprietary food designed to protect our DNA at the cellular level from the effects of free radicals.
tick Ag-Factor™ is rich in cysteine, a whey protein food source that is vital for the production of glutathione, your body's most powerful endogenous antioxidant. The result is a lactose-free and highly nutritious food that the US FDA has approved with GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status.
tick Ag-Factor™ the new “warrior food”. According to a massive and growing body of evidence, one of the greatest revelations of the last few years is you may be able to eat your way out of this dilemma as far as the boundaries of human life span and genetics allow.
tick You can enable your body to produce glutathione to intercept, combat and vanquish rampaging oxygen molecules and even repair some of the damage they cause. What does Ag-Factor™ have to do with Glutathione? Ag-Factor™ benefits the liver and the body's antioxidant redox state. It is a whey protein hydrolysate manufactured under carefully controlled conditions using food grade enzymes (patent filed in the USA, Europe, and Japan).


Question & Answer (FAQs)

Is Ag-Factor™ safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers?
Yes. Ag-Factor™ is safe to consume during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is actually very good for enhancing both your immune system and your baby's at the same time.
Who is Ag-Factor™ suitable for?
Ag-Factor™ is suitable for both males and females. There is NO age limit and is suitable for everyone.
Will Ag-Factor™ place a burden on my kidneys?
No, Ag-Factor™ 100% natural supplement and not a medicine, it will not place a burden on your kidneys.
Do you guarantee that I'll receive my product?
We guarantee all our customers will receive their product. We will make every effort to contact you and keep you informed of the progress of our investigation and where appropriate, deliver a replacement.
Do i still need to use moisturizer cream and body lotion while taking ag factor?
Sunblock and skincare products are still a must, especially sunblock which is very important for those of us who living in hot, humid climates. For skincare, choose good, mild hydrating products only. The reason for that is our weather is so humid our skin is always lacking in water (hydration). When skin lacks sufficient water, it will produce oil and slowly our pores will become bigger. Other people's skin will even dry out. It is also advised not to apply any whitening skincare products. Most whitening products on the market contain harsh ingredients that can cause your skin to age prematurely and in some people to experience heightened sensitivity and even breakouts.

More FAQs...

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