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  •  customer review by Arashi Lena
    Arashi Lena
    Is my second purchase! Continuing to be beautiful ☺️
  •  customer review by
    I used to have occasional hormones outbreaks especially when it’s my time of the month In addition , I also had blemishes with scars n dull looking skin On the 15 day of my AG-Factor , I see improvements in my skin condition - it is ‘calmer’ & my scars n blemishes started to subside n lighten. Now I’m into my day 30 - I must say AG-Factor REALLY works as it claimed. AG-Factor is definitely my LIFE SAVER n i am going to make it my life long skin supplement for my youthful n good skin.
  •  customer review by
    I have used Age factor for 2 months and I got visible effects on my face the age factor is really very magical medicine which changes my life and gave me self confidence..thank you age factor
  •  customer review by Hanna Balqis
    Hanna Balqis
    So far my pigmentation reduce with smooth even i used it first box. Now i continue for the second box ag factor and praventac. I love this product
  •  customer review by اكرينيا اسوا
    اكرينيا اسوا
    On my second bottle now, my skin becomes more hydrates and my crows feet slowly becoming less. About to repeat orders
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Sharon, 24, Virginia, United States
I do not believe about... food whitening... It’s so many.. food whitening that i try but.. it’s not work it out..!! Then since when i was found this product.. wow.. really it’s amazing.. and my skin.. so nice white and very very... radiant..and because of this... i just want to thank..’re the best.. product ever...
Idahwati, 33, Ranau, Malaysia
Wow! After use this 1 month, my skin looks better than before. Proven product and highly recommended.
BHE, 35, Philippines, Philippines
Only i can say with this product is TRUE and really EFFECTIVE. Thanks i found this on my facebook. I tried many whitening and spend thousand even in injectable whitening but i really waste money.. But with this product in 2 weeks, i can see the changing of my skin from dull to a good looking smooth fairer skin. I am now in my 2 bottles, it’s highly recommended..I LOVE YOU Ag-Factor. You’re the best and you’re the answers of my dream to have a beautiful skin.
Carla, 1, Doha, Qatar
It has been 10 days since i started Ag-Factor and it is really a miracle!! I cannot believe how my dark circles have started to fade and my face is glowing! I am already fair and i have become fairer! I cannot believe that finally i have found a solution to my dark circles after trying countless of expensive methods and procedures (Carboxytherapy, Chemical Peeling, dozens of cream, Dracula blood therapy...) to remove them! Such a problem was really frustrating me. Thank you so much Ag-Factor! I cannot believe that i getting a noticeable result just after 10 days of using the products! I will send you a photo as soon as possible.
Cheryl Ann, 1, Philippines, Philippines
Thank you for the fast reply. I’ll let you know as soon as possible after i receive my parcel/order. Actually, this is my 2nd time of order 3 months supply of Ag-Factor. I found out Ag-Factor through Google search. I just opened the 3rd bottle of Ag-Factor from my first order last January 29, 2011 and i’m really happy with the results that’s why i ordered again. Thank you so much! Keep up the good work! More blessing and success to Onecaremart, Onecarewellness, Ag-Factor and Praventac. Till my next order!
Eiyma Jalil, 30, Tasik Selatan, KL, Malaysia
Hi, i’m currently taking Ag-Factor and Praventac each before sleep about 1 week. The result is so amazing. My acne no come out already and my skin not too oily. I suffered with acne since i was 15 years old until 30 years old. Previously, i spend so much money to buy expensive skincare and medicine. I’m very satisfied with the Ag-Factor and Praventac result. Will update after 8 weeks i used this product. Love this product.
Emms, 41, Pampanga, Philippines
This is very very true, Ag-Factor really works in my skin. My friends and relatives always asking me what have i done that my skin got fairer and smoother. In just 1 bottle i got my desired result. This is no joke, i myself is a witness. I have try so many products but Ag-Factor is different, this is the only product that do a wonder on my skin.
Ila, 29, Malaysia, Malaysia
I’ve been taking Ag-Factor for almost 3 weeks and very happy to see my skin every each coming day. (I took photos of my face everyday - enjoy doing it nowadays..) ;) Every morning I can see it’s getting finer, fairer and more radiant. Radiance, yes that is the word. Really-really heart this product. I am looking forward to see the result after 3 months consumption and what’s more meaningful about it. I am getting married in June, so it’s really a bonus for me. Thanks a lot Ag-Factor. Agree with the others.
Jenny Villanueva, 1, Philippines, Philippines
Hi! It’s my 2nd week now and i am happy with the results! My friends noticed that my skin became smoother...Thanks Ag-Factor!!! I am planning to order again...
Jessie Wong, 1, Singapore, Singapore
Is it fine to take it after dinner? I’m into my 4th bottle, thank you very much for Ag-Factor cause my pigmentations really getting lesser and lesser!!! I recommended to my sister-in-law, she was enquiring me of how to get rid of her pigmentations that appears recently so i told her about Ag-Factor and told her to give it a try rather than using products (which i told her not really effective, best to consume) so today i help her order 3 bottles to try, thank you once again!!!
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How to get started?
Inspect your face in the mirror after your cleaning routine. Take a mental picture of your skin’s condition. Then, proceed to consume 2 capsules of Ag-Factor™ before bedtime.
How long before I can start seeing results?
After taking Ag-Factor™ for 2-3 weeks, your skin will definitely feel smoother to the touch. Your skin tone will become lighter and appear noticeably brighter. You will achieve best results after 3 months.
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