You’re welcome to apply for our reseller program.
As part of Onecare Reseller Program, you have the opportunity to accelerate business growth in the dynamic health sector. You can offer your customers the full range of Onecare products; increase your business profit by earning attractive rewards for ongoing business. You will also benefit from our aggressive marketing programs. Companies or private entrepreneurs, online marketers and even part timers seeking to earn side income.
Authorized Distributor (OPTION 1)
1. You purchase/replenish stocks from OneCare.
2. Customers from your country who visits our website will find your contact on our webpage.
3. Enquiries, suggestions and complaints from customer will be channeled to your email which you are required to reply within 1-2 working days.
4. Should your country of distribution consist of more than one person, customers may have the rights to choose whoever they want to communicate with or order from.
5. Customers will make order via IBT/Bank Transfer to your publicised bank account or Credit/Debit Card.
6. You will be notified via email once order has been placed.
7. Customer’s order is to be delivered within your given stipulated timeframe.
Reseller (OPTION 2)
1. You purchase / replenish stocks from Onecare.
2. You run your own product advertisement as well as set up an online store where orders will be placed.
3. You will be solely responsible of the transactions as well as your customer’s concerns, enquiries and complaints.
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