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The Natural Way to Keep Age at Bay & Become Fairer
Ag-Factor™ is very effective against signs of aging and great for anyone with a dull complexion, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and sensitive skin. It will help brighten your skin to a radiant glow and leave it smoother and firmer. Ag-Factor™ is not only good for your skin, it also helps detox your liver, blood and other major organs as well as help boost your immune system, hormone balance and a myriad of supporting functions.
Health and vitality, improved tone, smoother skin and fewer wrinkles.
you‘ll see results within
2-3 weeks !
The secret to staying young is eating the right food. From ancient times, milk has been associated with beauty, an elixir for slowing the effects of aging. Ag-Factor™ cysteine peptides are derived from milk using sophisticated separation technology and patent-pending knowledge. The result is a lactose-free and highly nutritious milk component (whey protein).
Cysteine is a powerful food for youthful skin and for safeguarding our internal organs and brain from the devastating effects of free radicals. How young we stay relative to our age is determined by our body’s most powerful antioxidant, glutathione. However, production of glutathione declines as we age, from age 20 onwards.

Cysteine is a precursor of glutathione, an antioxidant that is prevalent in every cell in the human body, especially in the liver where it is present in abundance. Glutathione not only defends our body from the effects of aging, it also neutralises toxic pollutants and is most effective at preventing diseases.
Benefits of Ag-Factor™
Reducing Age Spot
Reducing Pigmentation & Freckles
Fair Skin
Firm Skin
Boost Energy
Radiant Complexion
Smooth Skin
Soft Skin
Reducing Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Liver Health
Improve Sleep Quality
Improve Immune System
3 Major Benefits of Ag-Factor™
Skin Whitening
Aims to control melanin production to leave skin with an fair and balance skin tone
Progressively lighten freckles, age spots, melasma, dark spot and hyperpigmentation
Health & Longevity
Maintenance of our health against illness. helps our kidneys, lungs, & liver to decontaminate, neutralize & expel toxins chemically.
Improving the Brightness and Radiance of the Skin
Promotes the production of pheomelanine, a red-yellow form of melanin pigment, found in abundance in fair-skinned people.
Improving unbalanced skin tone and skin discolouration
Skin discolorations and uneven skin tone caused by blemish marks and brown spots can be greatly improved and restore the balance shade of your skin.
Reducing Redness Associated with Inflammation or Sensitive Skin
Has the ability to block PGE2 production, the major biochemical pathway leading to inflammation and redness in the skin. If left unchecked, this inflammation will over time lead to a further breakdown of important structural proteins in the skin.
Reducing Pigmentation, Freckles, Age Spot
Help restore a smoother skin and reduce the appearance of freckles, melasma, age spots, dark spots and other pigmentation problems.
Reducing Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Zinc (Zn) and copper (Cu), once bound to a protein, have been shown to be very effective in regenerating new tissue and increasing the synthesis of structural proteins such as collagen.
Promoting Firmness and Elasticity of the Skin
Supports the natural protein structure of the skin and assists the skin in binding moisture. Ag-Factor™ proteins have a significant, rapid and long-term effect on skin firmness through increased elasticity and moisture retention.
Liver Health
Ag-Factor™ allows your body to produce glutathione, the body’s natural antioxidant. Glutathione is produced primarily in the liver and helps cleanse toxins and stimulants from the body. The liver cleanses toxins (xenobiotics) by converting them to water-soluble metabolites, which can be removed from the body by the kidneys.
Improve immune system
Serve an essential role in maintaining function of the immune system at its fullest potential, protecting against cancer via cytokine production (cancer killer cells)
Improve sleep quality & Boost energy
Cleansing stimulants from your blood helps to sleep better and leaves them with the energy to get on with life!
How Ag-Factor™ Brighten your skin...
Cysteine peptides stimulate the glutathione production in the liver naturally and may shift the melanin synthesis towards to the production of the lighter pigment pheomelanin
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Ag-Factor™ Clear and Reducing ...
Fine Lines
Dark Spot
Skin discolouration
Unbalanced skin tone
Beautiful skin come from clean blood
Removing toxins from the body and rejuvenates means helping the liver to produce new cells to replace those that have been damaged.
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Sharing the big secret behind great-looking skin.
Over 100,000 satisfied customers have tried Ag-Factor™ - Since 2009
  • Aina Mullera, Sunday, May 5th, 2013
    My skin became supple and fine lines was reduced too!
    After pregnancy, I suffered from hyperpigmentation on different parts of my body. Apart from that, i looked dull which exaggerates the fine lines on my face as well. I was embarassed and stressed out with these skin condition and I started searching for supplements which can help to restore my skin back to the previous state. After several different products, the results were disappointing. One of the products, which is a popular big brand in the market wasn’t able to help at all. Until I accidentally browsed through Ag-Factor’s website one day and I was telling myself there’s no harm trying this. After the first 2 weeks, I noticed the benefit of Ag-Factor. I no longer have dry skin. I ordered for another month, and my skin became supple and fine lines was reduced too! Before I consume Ag-Factor, I have digestive problems. After consumption, not anymore. Probably due to the detoxification effect of Ag-Facfor. I am very thankful for all the benefits that Ag-Factor has brought me.
  • Haryana Mahmod, 25, Thursday, May 9th, 2013
    Just love the superb result!
    My skin dull and uneven but after taking ag-factor my skin more radiant and look like a baby. becoming more and more radiant everyday.. Ag-Factor help lighten my darkened scars too. This is my sixth bottle.. just love the superb result...
  • Dwi Sartika, Sunday, May 5th, 2013
    After giving birth to my son, he too had pretty fair skin. As for me, my skin had gone fairer and new dark spots no longer appears.
    I’ve been suffering from dark spots since I was a teenager, and during pregnancy, I had acne breakout which worsen the condition of my face. One day, while browsing through Facebook I saw Praventac’s advertisement. Therefore, I enquired about Praventac via their website and spoke to their sales representative named Jessica. She advised me to consume Ag-Factor. At first I was hesitant as I was expecting my first child and what side effects Ag-Factor might have. After detailed explanation, I secretly bought Ag-Factor without my husband’s knowledge. I ordered 1 bottle and on the 5th day I noticed the dark spots had started to fade. I ended up ordering 4 bottles. After giving birth to my son, he too had pretty fair skin. As for me, my skin had gone fairer and new dark spots no longer appears. Thank you very much Ag-Factor!
  • Verone Lim, Tuesday, December 30th, 2014
    This is the only product that best among the product that i have been used before.
    6 months ago, I had sleeping problem. Because of that, I start having a lot of pimples and acne problems all over my face. I spend a lot of money to consult skin speciallist, changed my skin care & took a lot of detox products to help my face. I was so upset for i dont see results to stop my pimples and acne.  

    After taking 1 bottle of Praventac+Ag-Factor, i can feel the result and different of my skin. I sleep well at night, my pimples had stop, and my skin become smooth and brighten. This is the only product that best among the product that i have been used before. Also, I can see the different of my skin tone, especially the scars & marks on my face.
    This product is amazing!!! I will continue to trust this products for even better skin look and to mantain my aging, spots & scars on my face. 
    Thank you Praventac & Ag-Factor.
  • Janelle, 36, Monday, August 4th, 2014
    Right now, the uneven pigmentation and freckle are no longer visible
    Hi, I just started my 3rd bottle of AG factor pills and I must say my skin has definitely become much fairer and brighter. My doctor said my skin seem to be more alive than before. During pregnancy,i got very tanned as I swam almost daily. Due to hormones change, I also started having freckles and some pigmentation. Right now, the uneven pigmentation and freckle are no longer visible and I’m just waiting for my skin to get even better, radiant. I am ordering next 3mths Ag factor as I think it works for me :)
  • Kristika, Monday, April 29th, 2013
    I no longer have dull skin but instead my skin became fairer.
    After consuming Ag-Factor for 2 months, I noticed I have fairer skin than before. Ag-Factor has been a great help to me. After giving birth I took a beauty supplement which causes breakouts and the skin on my face looked dull. Until one day, I bumped upon Ag-Factor while browsing through Facebook and the rest is history.

    I have been consuming Ag-Factor for 2 months since. I no longer have dull skin but instead my skin became fairer. In addition, Ag-Factor helps to boost the immune system which is very good for me since I have asthma. The reoccurrence of asthma has lessen since my first intake of Ag-Factor. Friends have complimented on my better complexion.

    My weight did not increased after consuming Ag-Factor. Unlike other supplements which causes weight gain as well as better appetite. Thank you Ag-Factor
  • Fion, Monday, May 19th, 2014
    Scars has lightened, fairer and firmer. I have tried a lot of collagen products in the market and took vitamin c injections but the result is not as good as Ag Factor!
    I get to know about praventac and ag factor while I was surfing the net. I was really sceptical to try at first, but looking at the condition of my skin and the reviews and testimonials online, I guess I have nothing to lose. So I took my guts to place the order and I m glad I did that! 

    I have finished my 2nd bottle of Ag Factor and the result is really promising so far! After my 1st bottle, a friend actually complimented on the changes of my skin. It has become smoother and fairer. After 2 months, my pimples are lesser. Before this, I had large pimples especially before I got my period. Now the scars has lightened, fairer and firmer.I have tried a lot of collagen products in the market and took vitamin c injections but the result is not as good as Ag Factor! Thanks to Ag Factor and I m looking forward to my third bottle! 
  • Nengah Bagiastrini, 30, Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014
    On the third day of consumption, my skin became more suppled. I am so in loved with this product! The photo comparison is of 20 days difference.
    I am here today to show you how Ag-Factor has changed me. I have dark skin, uneven skin tone and these two skin problem has ripped me off my confidence. I longed to have fair skin, and even skintone. I’ve tried all sorts of products, ranging from expensive skincare to injectable whitening treatments but none of the mentioned were able to give me what i want - the maximum effect has yet to be reached.

    I saw an advertisement of Ag-factor and I clicked and read the testimonies shared. Information were very well explained, therefore, I decided to give Ag-Factor a try and the results were truly remarkable. On the first day of consumption Ag-Factor has helped me with my sleep - I have sleeping problems before this. On the third day of consumption, my skin became more suppled. Before this I have tried whitening night cream which has successfully lighten my skin tone however the cream has caused my skin to over produce sebum like an oil factory. But things were different with Ag-Factor. This supplement does not cause skin oiliness but to keep it suppled and moisturized. The bottomline is, i am so in loved with this product! The photo comparison is of 20 days difference. Oh yes, in the “after” photo, I do look younger (my current age is 30 years old) and I will definitely purchase Ag-Factor again. I no longer need to search for other brands. Thank you Ag-Factor <3
  • Angela Kay, 30, Friday, May 24th, 2013
    After 6 month, I can’t believe my skin is getting better now. I looks like 20 yo!
    Hey!!!...I’m 30 yo. I’ve been taking Ag-Factor for six months. I can’t believe my skin is getting better now. I looks like 20 yo....i didnt notice it at first until my friends asked me what product i use on my skin. it looks better then before. I’m very satisfied with the result.Thank you Ag-Factor!
  • Lidya Fuad, 35, Sunday, August 18th, 2013
    Most of my friends especially my sister complimented that i look way fairer than i used to be, smoother skin!
    Into the 2nd bottle hubby compliments that my skin felt soft and supple,even i didn’t notice it.3rd bottle most of my friends especially my sister complimented that i look way fairer than i used to be,smoother skin, evenly toned skin and then i realized AG factor actually works.Thank you AG Factor.
  • Mega, Friday, December 27th, 2013
    The result is actually so amazing. my face already brighter, dark spot acne scars disappear!
    i already use this ag-factor for 3 month, the result is actually so amazing. my face already brighter, dark spot acne scars disappear and my skin is getting taut.thx ag-factor always make me look beautiful.

    I spent with so much money to buy expensive skincare. I’m very satisfied with the Ag-factor. Love this product!
  • Welly Thursday, October 23rd, 2014
    I no longer need to apply thick make up on my face. Thank you Ag-Factor!
    I am working in a field where my job needs me to travel outdoor often.Therefore, I’m often exposed to the sun, dust and heat which leads to my skin looking dull, rough and wrinkles have started to appear. I found out about Ag-Factor after reading on testimonials on Facebook and have decided to try two bottles. Before this I have been getting treatments from skin specialist whereby if I stop, my skin’s condition will turn back to square one. After 2 month’s of consumption, my complexion has turned brighter and fresh. I will continue to take Ag-Factor as with the benefits given by this supplement, I no longer need to apply thick make up on my face. Thank you Ag-Factor.
  • Ling, 35, Thursday, January 9th, 2014
    Now even people around me can notice the changes, not only the appearance but the soft touch too.
    Although i have fair skin complexion, using skin care products has always caused my skin to get irritated. After taking Ag-Factor for less than one month’s time, I was surprised by the results whereby my overall skin condition has become fairer and smoother. It feels moisturized that i no longer experience dryness on my skin. Now even people around me can notice the changes, not only the appearance but the soft touch too. I just love the product!
  • Adinda, 29, Monday, May 19th, 2014
    My skin is now winkle and pigmentation free!
    Ag-Factor has cleared off my face, not looking as dull as before and not only my face alone but whole body as well. My skin is now winkle and pigmentation free. Most importantly, my face and body’s complexion looked way healthier without applying any cream. I have believed in Ag-Factor and why don’t you try to feel it for yourself?

    [Original] Pakai Ag-Factor buat wajah saya makin bersih,tidak kusam seperti sebelumnya.dan bukan hanya wajah saya saja,kulit tubuh saya juga.bebas kerutan,noda hitam.dan yang paling penting kulit wajah dan tubuh saya terlihat sehat.bebas pemakaian cream2.jika saya percaya Ag-Factor kenapa anda tidak...buktikan sendiri
  • Adinda Sahnaz Nazila, 28, Wednesday, January 29th, 2014
    My skin is now smoother, more suppled and looked healthier!
    [Translated] Within a month of consuming Ag-Factor, my skin’s condition has changed tremendously compared to before. My skin is now smoother, more suppled and looked healthier. I have dry skin but since taking Ag-Factor everything has changed. Thank you Ag-Factor.

    [Original] dalam waktu sebulan memakai Ag-Factor kulit saya tampak berbeda dari sebelumnya.lebih halus,lembab,cerah. kulit saya termasuk kering...tapi semenjak pakai Ag-Factor semuanya berubah
  • Andrea Roberts, Wednesday, January 29th, 2014
    My skin is now smoother, more suppled and looked healthier!
    Thank you so much Ag-Factor, my skin now radiant and healthy.. in just 2 months my friends noticed that there is a big change on my skin and i received lots of compliments from them :) and my boyfriend said that i look much younger.. he love my skin more than before.. it is much soft and smooth.. thanks ag-factor for making me feel more beautiful.. love it!
  • Ika Azis, Tuesday, February 18th, 2014
    Thank you Ag-Factor for creating miracle! pigmentations on my skin started to disappear, my pores shrunk, wrinkles started vanishing and my total complexion looked clean and bright!
    I regretted not consuming Ag-Factor earlier. I am a person who takes outlook very seriously and have low confidence every time i step out of the house without proper and thick foundation to cover up my skin problems.

    I have tried endless amount of creams, and tried expensive salon treatments which has caused me tons of money but i notice no improvement on my skin. Instead it got worse, my skin has became sensitively thin, increased pigmentat, and i had the worst acne and comedones breakout ever.

    Until I read an article on Ag-Factor that I decided to give this supplement a try. I do have doubts at first but what I noticed next surprised me. Just after 5 days of consumption, Ag-Factor has worked it’s way - pigmentations on my skin started to disappear, my pores shrunk, wrinkles started vanishing and my total complexion looked clean and bright! No more comedones, I slept well and what made me happiest is that I no longer need to apply foundation on my skin - only lipstick and eyeliner now.
  • Noni, 34, Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015
    I can feel my skin has tightened up as I am already 34 years old.
    Consuming Ag-Factor has brought a difference to my skin becoming brighter and with glow. With such skin condition, make up application has became easier and now I only need to apply a light layer of compact powder and I’m good to go.

    I have severe flu and difficulty to breathe once, I refuse to take any other medication, but continue to consume Ag-Factor as normal and thankfully my flu had recovered within days.

    I no longer had breathing difficulties, my mild, tiny pimples had disappeared. White and blackheads ono my nose are no longer visible when I had only consumed for five days. I can imagine if I were to continue till 3 months, my skin will be filled with more glow and i no longer need to wear heavy make up. I can feel my skin has tightened up as I am already 34 years old. I am very excited about this Ag-Factor and I will continue to consume. Thank you Ag-Factor!


    Sebelum minum aq factor banyak jerawat kecil kecil n komedo disekitar hidung
    Udah kliatan bersih sekarang Baru 5 hari minum Apa lagi kalau 1 bulan ya

    Pake aq factor makeup jg jd kliatan bersih dan glowing Pdhl cuma pake bedak doang kliatan bersih dan glowing Aq lg flu berat dada sesak bgt,gk mo minum obt coz’y lg mau nyobain aq factor,takut knp”,,,ehk gk tau’y minum aq factor flu aq alhamdulillah cepat sembuh gk terasa sesak,dan jerawat kcl” mulai kempes,d idung udah gk kliatan komedo putih,padahal baru 5 hari,makeup bedak aja udah keliatan bersih glowing pdhl baru 5 hari gmn klo 3 bln pasti makin glowing bgt,gk perlu pake makeup tebal wajah terasa mulai kencang lg d umur 34,,,, senang bgt minum aq factor,pasti jd langganan makassih aq factor
Ag-Factor™ - Naturally Occurring food to
Enable our body to remember it’s function.
Ag-Factor™ work naturally enable your body to work more intelligently to produce your own Glutathione and Collagen. And not forcing your body to absorb from other source of synthetic ingredient.
Ag-Factor™ lets your body decide what it wants or needs!
The full spectrum of amino acids in Ag-Factor™ is the trigger for the body to produce its own source of collagen.
Both zinc (Zn) and copper (Cu), once bound to a protein, have been shown to be very effective in regenerating new tissue and increasing the synthesis of structural proteins such as collagen.
You can enable your body to produce glutathione to intercept, combat and vanquish rampaging oxygen molecules and even repair some of the damage they cause.

What does Ag-Factor™ have to do with Glutathione?
Ag-Factor™ benefits the liver and the body’s antioxidant redox state. It is a whey protein hydrolysate manufactured under carefully controlled conditions using food grade enzymes (patent filed in the USA, Europe, and Japan).
Collagen products
cysteine peptide
Cysteine Peptide molecular is only 1/4 size if compare with collagen, that is the reason our body can absorb its better.
3-10 times More effective than Collagen & Glutathione!
Ag-Factor’s natural peptide-bonded form of Cysteine has been shown to boost levels of glutathione produced in the liver by as much as 3-10 in comparison to other naturally sourced amino acids such as porcine source collagen (the most absorbable collagen compare to fish and bovine).
To get the same amount of Cysteine—if you are taking hydrolyzed source collagen, you will need to consume at least 16-24gm per day.
The amount of collagen normally found in most supplements is less than 5gms. Do the math. If collagen is three to ten times less effective than Cysteine peptide and you are only getting 30% per day—are you getting value for your money?
Do collagen supplement just work short-term?
In recent years many beauty companies have introduced a wide range of collagen products for those wishing to stay young, have smooth skin etc. The response and feedback from most collagen users, however, is that collagen only gives short-term results. Once stopped, skin rapidly returns to its previous condition within a few weeks. The reason for this is collagen breaks down easily, especially under direct sunlight. This is why maintenance is necessary. Is it wise to spend money for such short-term results when a long-term investment is needed?
Whitening Skin Care
The natural way to fairer, glowing skin.
Ag-Factor™ Improve your skin’s brightness and radiance, giving your face a more even, creamy complexion.
Ag-Factor™ promotes the body’s own natural antioxidant activity as well as production of pheomelanine, a red-yellow form of melanin pigment found in abundance in fair-skinned people. Oxidative stress from UV exposure and other environmental pollutants can cause melanogenesis, the production of brown-colour pigments associated with tanned skin.
Use of Ag-Factor™ antioxidants can slow or even reverse this process creating a brightening effect for the skin.
Skin whitening cream or
Eat the right foods?
For skincare, we always recommend any hydrating range of product. It’s always the wise choice. Water/hydration is the key to lovely smooth skin.

For fairer and brighter skin, though, eating the right foods is always the best solution. Ag-Factor™ cysteine peptides enable the body to produce sufficient amounts of glutathione. Glutathione is 100% clinically proven to be effective for skin whitening.
Have you wondered why early childhood photos of many celebrities show a much darker skin colour than they have now? Their secret is eating the right foods. Most of us may think this is due to whitening skincare products, but do people know most of these products cause skin cancer, breakouts and dryness to the skin because of the ingredients used?

“ Skin lightening cream reduce the amount of melanin which makes the skin more vulnerable to UV rays and thus to skin cancer and ageing. ”
Skin Whitening Pills
The Natural VS Synthetic supplements
What is the difference between synthetically derived L-Cysteine (NAC) and naturally occurring bioactive Cysteine Peptide (Ag-factor) found in whey?
Glutathione Pill
Why should we not take the much cheaper, much direct alternative — Glutathione itself?
Glutathione is not well absorbed into the body when taken by mouth as it has been proven clinically that the body is incapable of absorbing direct intake of Glutathione. One way to get around that is to take it by the vein (intravenous). Are you prepared to do that—inject yourself daily?
N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC)
Whitening supplement on the market claim to be 100% natural when they are NOT.
Synthetic Cysteine marketers want you to believe that there is no difference between naturally occurring Cysteine and synthetic because the synthetics are easier to produce and thus carry a much higher profit margin. It is the triumph of profits over health, and most consumers including doctors have unknowingly bought into that value system.
What is bio-availability? your body’s natural absorption!
Although we might be fooled by slick marketing, our body knows the difference, even though synthetics are designed to try to trick it. Natural nutrients are absorbed readily because we are biologically programmed to recognize the naturally occurring compounds as genuine nutrients. Isolated chemicals or synthetics ‘nutrients’, on the other hand are immediately put on hold until it can determine the cofactors needed to enable their availability. It has been found that 50% of every synthetic supplement is rendered useless by the body, leaving only 50% for possible conversion. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that any, of this entire half will be converted.
“Scientists have never successfully created an orange from scratch in a laboratory. Only nature can. Likewise, neither can science create synthetic nutrients that exactly duplicate or replace naturally occurring nutrients.”
Absorbed 99.99%
Why Ag-Factor™ is so effective?
Natural nutrients are absorbed readily because we are biologically programmed to recognize the naturally occurring compounds as genuine nutrients.
Ag-Factor™ is an “intelligent” food consisting of cysteine peptides, found in minute quantities in hydrolyzed whey protein (milk/cheese) that enables the body to self-produce glutathione & collagen. Ag-Factor™ is a bioactive food absorbed 99.99% by the body
Cysteine can be biosynthesized from food in our body.
However, the amount of ‘food’ that can be converted into Cysteine is minimal.
You have to take a humongous amount of green vegetables in order to find the same amount contained in one capsule of Ag-Factor™.
In the case of milk, you need to consume numbers glasses of grade A milk to find the amount of Cysteine in one Ag-Factor™ capsule
Grass; cow main source of food contains huge amount of Cysteine
I am lactose intolerant, can’t drink milk, can i take Ag-Factor™?
Ag-Factor™ is lactose free, Individuals with lactose intolerance is safe to take Ag-Factor™
Customer Reviews from Facebook
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  • Aine Gai Abdurasid
    Hi AG Factor, Ive been using Ag Factor for almost 3 weeks now. Ive noticed my skin tone is evenly lighter than before. Ive been using other supplements years before but AG factor seems effectively fast result, affordable and safe. As a mother of two, who has dark eye circles and sleepless nights, i think its the best supplement for me, and i highly recommend it to everyone. Thanks AG Factor.
  • Eita-Eixal Omar
    Just started to use this product approximately three weeks but I am glad that I made the right decision to try this product.
  • Jo Chan
    I didn't have as problematic skin before, however recent months or close to a year I have been having breakouts due to stress and hormonal change. All those scar marks were big and dark, and still had some acne and wounds then. It really made me worried, it looked unpleasant like never before and I have to pile up on the makeup and concealer, also worried would the scars ever go away. Then I came across this product – Praventac, what intrigued me was it says it will be effective even for old scar, so I wanted to give it a try. On purchasing, the advice was it would work better pairing with Ag-Factor, since I have also come across and heard about Ag-Factor and I have wanted to try it before as well, so why not – I gave both products a go at the same time. After nearly a month of taking these, I now can see that the acne scars look smaller and lighter, got improvement, and I think even the injury scar on my knee I can see improvement, that was a bonus surprise. I would say all the scars are not totally gone yet of course but because people often say you have to give any treatment a 2- to 3-month time to see the ultimate result right? I would want to purchase my second bottle of Praventac and Ag-Factor soon!
  • Sobia Tanveer
    I m very much satisfied with ag factor it solved many of my skin problems. I am using the 2nd bottle and i will surely order more. Thanx ag factor
  • Florensia Eterno
    I've been using Ag-factor for one month, I'm satisfied with the results since it makes my skin smoother and supple, whole skin body. I also used to have sensitive skin which will leave my skin rough and create rashes (thigh and upper arm), but i never have it again until 2 weeks daily intake of Ag factor. Amazing.. I'm waiting to see next three months results :)
  • view more  (139)
Try Now !
We want your inner beauty to come out and not your age !
How to get start?
Check your face through the mirror right after shower. Memorise your skin’s condition. Then, proceed to consume 2 capsules of Ag-Factor™ before bedtime.
How long before I can see the effects?
After taking Ag-Factor™ for 2-3 weeks, your skin will definitely feel smoother and look brighter. Touch it and feel the difference. Skin is lighter and brighter. Best results after 3 months.
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Ag-Factor™ make your skin Smoother, Radiant and Firmer after 2-3 weeks.
You can enjoy a more obvious and long-lasting impact if you consume Ag-Factor™ for 3 months!
Per Serving 500
Per 100 g
8.40 kJ (2 kcal)
1591.80 kJ (379 kcal)
184.5 mg
36.9 g
293.5 mg
58.7 g
10.0 mg
2.0 g
Servings bottle : 60 capsules
Whey Protein Hydrolysate | Whey protein contains the amino acid cysteine, which can enable the body to produce glutathione. Whey protein can increase cellular glutathione levels. Glutathione is an antioxidant that defends the body against free radical damage and some toxins, and milk proteins can reduce the risk of cancer. Glutathione: The Body’s Master Antioxidant
Pomegranate Extract | Pomegranate has excellent antioxidant properties. It has about three times more antioxidants gram for gram than red wine or green tea. It is an excellent agent for promoting blood flow to the heart. It also has been shown to reduce plaque in the arteries, and to raise levels of “good” cholesterol while helping lower “bad” cholesterol.
Mangosteen Extract | Mangosteen contains a huge amount of antioxidants and this is one of the major benefits of mangosteen. An antioxidant is a compound that has an ability to slow down the aging process of cells and it also can add more energy to your body. Antioxidants are considered as a cure-all for whatever ails you. Besides that, it can also improve bone structure and skin condition, purify the blood, and improve heart function.
Kiwi Fruit Seeds | Kiwifruit helps to maintain healthy and smooth skin attributing to its significant contribution in the process of collagen synthesis. Kiwi contains generous amount of vitamin C, may be more than oranges which helps to keep the skin firm and expedite healing of cuts and abrasions. Vitamin E present in kiwi assists in reducing the fine lines and appearance of wrinkles. Vitamin E also helps in reducing the harmful effects of ultra-violet radiation on the skin. Antioxidants present in kiwi work as a perfect anti-aging agent, prevent the skin from early degeneration and keep it rejuvenated. The seeds of the kiwi store nutrients for the plant's cultivation, growth and survival, and as such are nutrient-dense. Because it is rich in vitamin A, the kiwi fruit seed is also a component to enhance skin and hair growth.
Dosage and Usage : 2 Capsules before sleep
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