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  • Ag-Factor™ customer review by Agnes Goh
    Agnes Goh
    My 1st purchase. After 3 weeks , my skin allergy slightly getting better. (The duration for me to taking pills controlling the itchiness is prolonged). The whitening effect is not that obvious yet. But, I will continue to try for another 2 boxes to complete the 1 course duration for better results.
  • Ag-Factor™ customer review by Arashi Lena
    Arashi Lena
    Is my second purchase! Continuing to be beautiful ☺️
  • Ag-Factor™ customer review by Chelsia Tan
    Chelsia Tan
    I used to have occasional hormones outbreaks especially when it’s my time of the month In addition , I also had blemishes with scars n dull looking skin On the 15 day of my AG-Factor , I see improvements in my skin condition - it is ‘calmer’ & my scars n blemishes started to subside n lighten. Now I’m into my day 30 - I must say AG-Factor REALLY works as it claimed. AG-Factor is definitely my LIFE SAVER n i am going to make it my life long skin supplement for my youthful n good skin.
  • Ag-Factor™ customer review by Laila Shah
    Laila Shah
    I have used Age factor for 2 months and I got visible effects on my face the age factor is really very magical medicine which changes my life and gave me self confidence..thank you age factor
  • Ag-Factor™ customer review by Hanna Balqis
    Hanna Balqis
    So far my pigmentation reduce with smooth even i used it first box. Now i continue for the second box ag factor and praventac. I love this product
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How to get started?
Inspect your face in the mirror after your cleaning routine. Take a mental picture of your skin’s condition. Then, proceed to consume 2 capsules of Ag-Factor™ before bedtime.
How long before I can start seeing results?
After taking Ag-Factor™ for 2-3 weeks, your skin will definitely feel smoother to the touch. Your skin tone will become lighter and appear noticeably brighter. You will achieve best results after 3 months.
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